I'm Responsive!

Chris Hvizdak

CMS developer and designer

I specialize in the development of dynamic websites using Drupal and concrete5. I make content, functionality and design work together.


I create clear strategies for content structure, functionality and aesthetics.


I extend existing tools and build new functionality to accomplish goals.


I design original CMS templates from conception to completion.

Content Management Systems

It takes a cool head and an eye for detail to get the most out of any CMS. I love meeting the challenges and reaping the rewards.


I love modeling data with CCK and using the results to build great content.

Data Driven Themes

I code smart templates that examine data and adapt presentation.

CCK > Views > Panels

I build data structures with CCK, setup queries with Views and dynamically influence output with Panels.


I markup content fields with schema.org to improve SEO.


concrete5 is exteremly end user friendly and offers a powerful framework for building easy to maintain sites with custom functionality and complex templates.

Custom Block Development

I create original blocks to intuitivley store and present complex content.

Custom Attribute Integration

I build sites that store content and determine presentation using Custom Attributes.

Single Page Development

I build MVC Single Pages in concrete5 for complex visitor and administrator CRUD tasks.

Writing & Speaking

I write clear explanations of technology so everyone understands how to get the most from their investment.

concrete5 for Drupal Pros

concrete5's intuitive user interface makes it a great CMS for many projects. I put together a series of articles to help Drupal professionals adapt their skills to concrete5. The concrete5 parent company loved what I wrote and added a section to their official site to include my work.

User Training

I started teaching adult education classes in 1998 while I was in high school. Today I train stakeholders to get the most out of content management systems.

Skillset Shuffle

Click the controls below to filter the list of skills, technologies, modules and open source components that I am experienced in.

Semantic Markup
Cross Browser Testing
Relational Database Design
MVC Architecture
reCAPTCHA Implementation
CCK (Fields)
Drupal Module Development
Flag Module
Twitter Pull
Zen Sub-Theme Development
ThemeKey Module
Webform Module
Media Queries
Responsive Design
jQuery UI
Block Development
Single Page Development
Custom Attribute Development
Core eCommerce
Theme Development
Tiny MCE
Twitter Bootstrap
jQuery Cycle
Nivo Slider
jQuery Masonry
jQuery Isotope
Superfish Menu
jQuery Mobile

How I Work

Habits I use to save time and deliver great results.

CMS Starting Points

I assemble CMS installation packages to get a jump on new site builds.

Starter Themes

I create standardized filesets to speed up template development.

Checklists, Dev Docs and Screencasts

I create detailed documentation to keep everyone in the loop.

Detailed Comments

I explain the who, what, why, when and how of the code I write.

Additional Web Applications & Frameworks

The technologies I mention here are what I use most but I'm up for anything.


I have created themes and customized Wordpress functionality to meet a variety of needs.


I have quickly constructed complex data manipulation and migration rountines using this powerful PHP framework.


I have converted many existing websites and built up plenty from scratch using this light and simple CMS.

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