concrete5 for Drupal Developers and Designers

Where Am I Coming From?
I’ve worked with Drupal for years and I love it. It’s a mean mother that gets things done. Like all software, it’s not perfect so I keep an eye out for more options.

I’ve been working with concrete5 since late 2010 and I have come to love it too. The interface is dead simple for end users, templating is easy and it offers a solid API for development.

concrete5 CEO Franz Maruna posted that he’d love to see some quick start guides to help web professionals who are familiar with other content management systems get going with concrete5. I know my way around Drupal so I am putting this together to tell you what gets me excited about concrete5 from a Drupal perspective and what concepts in Drupal translate to concepts in concrete5.

Who is this for?
If you create templates and build custom functionality in Drupal this should get you up to speed on the basics of concrete5. I recommend that you play with a demo at for a few minutes to wet your appetite and get a basic sense for moving around in the application before you dig in.

Let’s Go!

concrete5 Killer Features
concrete5 offers some pretty cool features for you and your users. You’ve got plenty of reasons to be excited.

Page Building Basics Compared
Looking for Panels? Trying to override a template? Let’s put your Drupal experience to work in concrete5.

concrete5 Core Team, Community, Documentation, License Model: All That Jazz
The core team is great,